Join or Set Up a Neighbourhood Support Group


step 1 - Make Contact

Fill out the registration form below and an area co-ordinator will be in contact.

step 2 - Find Members

Your local Neighbourhood Support co-ordinator will help:

  • determine a practical size for your group

  • coordinate invites to join the group

  • set up the initial group ‘get together’

  • identify the volunteer contact person and a deputy for the group

Step 3 Start up meeting

The local Neighbourhood Support co-ordinator will attend the first meeting and:

  • explain how a Neighbourhood Support group works

  • distribute information packs and street signs

  • help gather details for a group contact list

  • stay in contact with the group via the contact person

Step 4 follow up

The group contact person will:

  • distribute the contact list to their group members and keep it up to date

  • distribute information such as newsletters and crime alerts

  • arrange future meetings (if required) including an annual ‘get together’

The contact person is referred to as a Street Coordinator. This role is crucial in keeping information up to date and in feeding information back to the community.

Resources and other supporting mechanisms can be accessed by contacting your area co-ordinator. Signs, stickers, leaflets and folders are provided by Neighbourhood Support New Zealand as part of your start-up and ongoing maintenance of your group.

Join or Set up a Group

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For me it’s very reassuring to know we have neighbourhood support. But I think it raises awareness for the community as a whole also. It’s not only what the individuals involved on a daily basis do to keep an eye on our community, but it raises awareness for the rest of us. Even if we are not directly involved, neighbourhood support is a constant reminder that we need to be more observant and invested in noticing something unusual.
— Papamoa Neighbourhood Support Member
As on older person living alone, it is comforting to know that my neighbours keep an eye out for me to ensure I am ok and I feel comfortable and confident that if in need of something or in need of help I have at least four houses I could call on.
— Papamoa Neighbourhood Support Member
To me one of the great features of having Neighbourhood support in our street is that it has got our neighbours and streeties together to see, speak to and get to know them. We have developed a knowledge of who each other is and what we drive when we tend to come and go and even to have some social time together. Naturally there is the benefit of taking note of strange vehicles and people and talking to neighbours about them. I guess it also brings us information via the updates you send us on what is happening in the area and tips to use on our own properties. Thanks for keeping us informed.
— Tauranga Neighbourhood Support Member
What you are doing is fantastic! I am working full time and check my emails when I get home and the info you send out is very informative and is good to know what is happening in the area when I am not at home. Keep up the great work!!!
— Papamoa Neighbourhood Support Member