Citizen’s Arrest and Self-Defence

The power to make a citizen’s arrest under the Crimes Act 1961 is not as wide as people assume. In fact there is no power at all but there may be justification or protection from criminal responsibility. Justification means people making the arrest are not guilty of an offence and not liable to any civil proceeding. Protected from criminal responsibility means people making the arrest are not liable to any proceedings except a civil proceeding.

Elder Abuse and Neglect

Older people are vulnerable to abuse and neglect. The abuser is usually a member of the older person’s family or a person employed in a position of trust. The abuser may be struggling to cope with being a caregiver or could be having troubles of their own that are putting him or her under pressure, such as a substance abuse problem or financial difficulties. The abuse can be:

Choosing a Retirement Village

Buying a home in a retirement village is different to buying a home in a residential neighbourhood. As well as location, construction style, and the amenities offered, retirement villages offer different types of occupation right (unit-title, cross-lease or right to occupy). Also, there are joining and weekly charges and then there is the capital return at the end of the contract that varies from village to village.